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I am Auddie D'souza and I make Guitars!

Auddie D’souza has dedicated his career for over 20 years to creating instruments that fulfill the highest expectations of discriminating and discerning guitarists and bassist around the world.

Guitar making is an enterprise that beautifully synthesizes the realms of music, art, science, and woodworking. Auddie was raised with a childhood love for music and coupled with the curiosities surrounding it. Along with his engineering studies he also developed a strong interest in the art and woodworking.

In parallel to this slowly igniting passion Auddie was also working as an aerospace manufacturing company which made him technically sharp and hand-on. Couple of years later as the intensity of passion crossed the threshold in 2010 Auddie established his own workshop in Mumbai, dividing his time between making and restoring instruments. The opportunity to restore some of the finest instruments in the world afforded Auddie a unique insight into the methods and practices of the great makers of the past.
Today, after more than 20 years Auddie has not only created numerous world-class instruments and has successfully restored some of the most fragile and vintage instruments but also has designed and manufactured some really ingenious Luthiery tools and has also supported luthier in the ecosystem right from India to Europe.