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I handcraft stringed instruments for those who wish to live the thrill of playing a truly responsive instrument carved out to the highest standard with space grade precision. Each project begins with a personal consultation. The resultant choice of model, specifications, materials and options combine to make your Cipriano Custom instrument a truly unique – tailor-made, exclusively for you. My goal is to understand your musical requirements and provide you an instrument which is made for you to enhance your capabilities.

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Even the smallest acorn’s journey may span hundreds of years. Spare a
few moments to dream with us.

About us

My Experience

The Beginning

The never-ending journey towards becoming a serious lutheir started when I first carved out a fully functional guitar out of a random piece of lumber block.

Luthier in making

A little success was a big motivator and a catalyst to fuel up research and development drive which just went on and on. Strated with acquiring and even building own customised tools for carving, manipulating and facilitating woodworking towards making a guitar.

Widening Horizons

With the mechanical engineering education and hand-on experience in an aerospace manufacturing workshop, I was assimilating all the nuts and bolts of modern cutting edge technology as well as insights from several crucial vantage points and channeling them towards my vision to have a fully functional and capable luthiery workshop.

The Start

Kicked-off Cipriano Music at a workshop in Thane after hanging the corporate boots and never looked back again.

Clients Say

Auddie is the go to guy for anything guitar. Right from building one to repair and maintenance services. He is a very experienced luthier and he knows the deal of his craft. If you are a guitar/bass nerd you’ll have fun chatting with him about woodworking, vintage models,etc He also will clarify all your doubts however silly they are. I wish Auddie and his team all the success 🙂

Karthick K

Best Luthier in Mumbai/Thane. He will explain you everything in detail & then solve the problem. He also makes his custom made guitars and bass according to the customer’s requirement. I’ll call him an educator too, because everything I know about the guitar body and their mechanism is because of Auddie. Waiting for him to make more instruments in future. All the best.

Ajinkya Jadhav

Scientific, Practical and realistic approach towards guitar making. Never disappointed on quality fronts and very warm in welcoming new customers

Nilesh Dsouza